By providing an assessment and analysis for their segment in the senior market. This includes a review of transportation services, interviews with clients, surveys, and an action report with recommendations

Train the Trainer

We’ll provide your staff with customized training and community outreach strategy. In addition, we’ll mentor your team as they launch the program.

Travel Training

Our national award-winning travel trainer can develop a program to meet your community’s needs. Since 2012 we have been working to bring group travel training to San Diego.

1920 Travel Training

About Travel Training Classes

Led by a Travel Trainer, FREE, preplanned, weekly classes focus on different aspects of using public transit. Trips to San Diego landmarks encourage participants to rethink how they can incorporate public transit in their daily life. Individuals pay only the cost of transportation ranging from $1.25 – $7.00.

Can Public Transit Improve Your Health?

In 2012 in a Poster Session at the American Society on Aging I presented, Shifting the Image of Public Transportation From Have To…To Want To. My objective was to highlight the health benefits of public transit as a way to increase walking in mature adults. Since then the benefits of walking have been well-documented. These include lower blood pressure, reduced stress, improved bone and joint health, and reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Current research suggests walking can reduce the risk of dementia by controlling blood pressure and decreasing heart disease.

Shifting The Image of Public Transit

Next Steps…

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